Painmaster: Possible Applications

PM Women Box 3DSome Examples For Use Of The Painmaster MCT Patch
The Painmaster MCT Patch can be applied in many cases:

Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, Lower and upper back pain, Migraine headaches,
Runners knee, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Arthritis, Muscle spasm, Tendonitis, Acute pain from injury, Sports injury, Bursitis, Swelling and inflammation, Hip pain, Leg cramps and more…

Some specific examples of applications are also shown below.


Sports Activities and Micro Current Therapy

Micro current therapy has been widely used by health care professionals along with amateur and professional athletes and coaches to alleviate acute inflammatory symptoms. Reports in the media of complete pain relief subsequently appeared in such publications as Sports Illustrated, USA Today and Runner’s World.

Dating back to the 1984 Olympics, Joan Benoit (Samuelson), the world’s former record holder in the woman’s marathon, underwent arthroscopic knee surgery 17 days prior to her Olympic trials. Her trainer heard of a physician who used micro current therapy to help Mary Decker Slaney, another Olympic stand out. The trainer started treatment on Joan less than one week before the trial when she was in considerable pain. Joan went on to “bring home the gold” for herself and the USA.

Other stories about the use of micro current therapy have been reported: Joe Montana’s football comeback after back surgery; Carl Lewis’s remarkable track and field feats and more. All were due to safe, effective micro current therapy. Importantly, if pain persists, consult a physician promptly.